Maybe you may not know it??

Heyyy, cool ice cream!!!

I started my blog from computer class I had this year, and we first started with making blogs. I was really excited because I love sharing things with people cuz I find it’s just really fun. I knew that we’re gonna do something different as time goes on, so I was thinking like, “Hmm.. why don’t I just keep my blog and post some fun stuff?” And.. I still keep my blog and sometimes I just post some stuff. Anyways, that’s how my blog started. Okay, let’s go back to the story of my computer class. In computer class, I thought we’ll just do some… umm… probably random and boring stuff, but it turned out that I couldn’t forget what I’ve learned in this amazing computer class. Well yeah, what I said was mean, but it made me want to learn more things that people learn in computer class. I learned how to do persuasive presentations, how to use Audacity, Gimp, Movie Maker, and especially WordPress! Because of that, I’m very confident and I can feel the freedom to share things to you guys right now. The computer class I had actually taught me things beyond what I expected and what I know. The lessons I learned will never die if I just keep on continue to learn more about them.

I hope you guys learned some lessons from my experience 😉

See ya in my next posts, vanilla cookies!

That Awkward Moment…

Hey sweet pies!

I’ll be sharing more funny posts, cuz’ that’s what I like to do. So, today I’ll start sharing “That awkward moment…” posts.

There are many awkward moments that actually happens a lot. Therefore, I will make more posts about this topic!

#1 TAM (4)#1 TAM (3)#1 TAM (2)#1 TAM (1)

Social Media Breakfast

Hi social media lovers!

Blog viewers are also social media lovers, right? So I guess that you are also social media lovers. Here I’m gonna show a video of a unique breakfast; social media breakfast! Sounds weird, huh? Do you ever wake up and just open your phone and check your social media? Yeah, that’s what I always do when I wake up. All that you are thinking is just social media, nothing else, not even food or breakfast. To increase your breakfast appetite, you can make your breakfast into social media! Your day always starts with social media now. With this video, you can change your old and usual daily breakfast into an amazing new unusual fresh breakfast that you will totally eat every morning! Your table and plates will shine when you have this food ready for your new breakfast. You don’t have to be bored anymore once you got to eat this fun breakfast 😀

Cute Cake Pops!

Hello there cake pops!

Are you a cartoon movies lover? Good news because you are on the right path! If you are really obsessed with a character of a cartoon, you can make it into a real life. You can change them into drawings, arts, or even food! I want to show a tutorial of making an edible cartoon cake pops. It is very unique. You could make more than what you thought. The ingredients are just simple and easy to find, it depends on how much you want to make. My favorite cake pop is the “Dumb Ways to Die” because it looks as if it’s real. I couldn’t tell how much it looks different than the ones we see on the screen. You really should watch this video, it’s really nice. I’m also going to post another video about minion cake pop too. There are more cake pops to show, but I can’t list all of them. You should check them out!

More cake pops videos: